They are both virtual servers, but what is the difference between Cloud Server and Cloud VPS?

  1. Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a virtual server developed on the cloud computing platform. Cloud Server has many advantages over VPS:

High stability: Cloud Server is developed on cloud computing platform. This feature helps your system to always be stable, ready, and not congested when there is a large amount of traffic. Cloud Server of Viettel IDC uses virtualization technology VMWare, deployed on the unified architecture of Cisco, EMC … ensuring high stability.

Flexible expansion: Cloud Server has a large amount of resources, always ensuring traffic and easy to upgrade when required. Automated administration software from service providers allows you to quickly initiate services, and expand configurations without limits as needed.

  • Safety of data: Cloud Server is supported with the ability to control incidents due to a large amount of resources. Besides, the system automatically backs up and back-up to ensure data safety at the highest level.
  • Easy administration: This is an advantage that attracts users of Cloud Server. Users can easily operate Cloud Server on the provided administration software.
  1. Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS can be understood as Shared Web Hosting. Cloud VPS is sharing the same server. Because they are in common use, those branches are called virtual machines. Cloud VPS can be shared and shared from the same physical server, but has limited resources.

The reason Cloud VPS has limited resources is because VPS has separate RAM for each virtual server and you can only use the amount of resources in that allowed part. Each VPS virtual server has a separate operating system, CPU, memory, … just like a server (server) that is managed and configured separately.

In addition to the above, Cloud VPS has a number of disadvantages:

  • Cloud VPS operates depending on physical servers, so the stability is low
  • The cost of upgrading resources is high, the ability to upgrade resources is limited
  • Cloud VPS easily hangs when the traffic is large.

It can be seen that the same virtual server, but Cloud Server still offers many benefits over Cloud VPS.

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