How to Choose a Reliable VPS Hosting Provider?

When you launch a new website, there are a lot of problems that need to be addressed. One of the tough options is finding the right vps provider for your website. Most beginners are on a tight budget so they don’t have many choices. Shared hosting is ideal for a new website. However, the risk of using shared hosts is that even a small website will soon exceed its limits. Likewise, shared hosts will not work well when used in an ecommerce store because these are heavy websites and require a lot of server configuration. In such cases, a virtual private server (VPS) can be a good solution because it offers better security along with features and advantages for a higher price tag.

What is VPS?
On VPS server, each website is hosted on a well-configured virtual machine. A physical machine is divided into multiple virtual servers with separate setups capable of working independently. So while other web pages can be hosted on the same physical server system, web pages hosted on different virtual servers will have no impact on each other. You can use 100% of the resources of the VPS you have rented and know for sure where your limit lies while on a shared host you will have to share with many other people, so it is difficult to determine the real limit of friend.

Like the fact that each of your website will be placed on a private room with all the necessary resources. You get full root access just like on dedicated server. However, instead of taking control of an entire physical server you will be limited to your virtual server, sharing CPU, RAM and baseband with other virtual servers. VPS hosting gives you complete control over your server with most of the benefits of an expensive dedicated server. This way, you can have a dedicated virtual server for multiple websites for less than a dedicated server and more efficient than a shared host.

The difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting
Shared hosting
Shared hosting is like living in an apartment where you cannot prevent others in the same building from using common amenities such as elevators, swimming pools, fitness center, … You use all the amenities. with them, and when someone uses too much, the other will be affected directly or indirectly.

In shared hosting, each website is hosted on the same server and resources such as CPU, RAM and hard drive are shared. If a website receives an overwhelming amount of traffic, the performance of others will suffer.

Dedicated hosting
Dedicated hosting is like having a private, independent apartment and you don’t need to share it with anyone.

You can use the entire server at will and no other user can share your resources. However, this is the most expensive of the three types of hosting and you should only use it if your resources are too large for the resources that VPS offers.

VPS hosting
VPS hosting falls between shared and dedicated hosting. It combines the advantages of both cost savings like shared hosting and the independence of dedicated hosting. A VPS is much cheaper than dedicated hosting and allows you to use more resources than shared hosting.

Unlike shared hosting, your resources are not shared and your website is not affected by other users. When each virtual server exists in an independent environment, your website is independent of the other web sites hosted on the same physical machine. Therefore, you will enjoy the features of dedicated hosting at a cheaper price.

When should you switch to VPS?
With low traffic volume, using shared hosting at a low cost is completely acceptable. However, when the amount of traffic increases, the shared hosts will no longer be stable because at this time your website is demanding resources beyond the limits of the shared host. When your wordpress website has exceeded the maximum capacity of shared hosting it is the right time to switch to VPS. When overloaded, your website will often be down (users can’t connect) often. If this happens often, it means that your shared host can no longer accommodate this website. At this point, it is best to upgrade.

Sometimes you will receive a notice from the provider stating that your website has used up all allowed resources in a month. If this happens, do not delay but switch to VPS immediately. Sometimes on shared hosting, you may face the same problem when other websites on the same server get a lot of traffic.

If you are hosting a lot of photos and videos on your website, you will need a VPS to distribute the web’s operability. In short, the website will perform better when you switch to a premium VPS

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